Course Description

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Frustrated with an ever-growing medication list?

Done with all of the fad dieting to lose weight?

Ready to live your best life possible?

An elimination diet will help you identify food triggers which are exacerbating your current symptoms, hindering you from losing weight and potentially causing you future health problems.

Food truly can be the best medicine for our body or the slowest form of poison. Given half a chance our body CAN and WILL heal itself.

There are many different reactions food can cause in our body. The easiest to test is an allergic reaction - You may be familiar with these tests that your doctor can run. But, aside from allergic reactions, food can invoke an immune response (aka a food sensitivity) and end up causing systemic problems like headaches, fatigue, eczema, bloating, gas, stomach problems, joint pain, joint swelling, malaise, rashes, acne, hair loss, brittle nails . . . and I could keep going on and on!

Gut health is SO important. Since 75-80% of our immune system resides in our gut therefore everything we’re eating is either passing seamlessly through OR invoking an immune response. The foundation of health problems starts with inflammation and we have the ability to influence this inflammatory reaction by focusing on what we’re eating. We MUST focus on cleaning up our digestive system if we want to experience vibrant health.

In this course, you’ll be taken through 5 steps to completing an elimination diet which will help you identify foods that are YOUR specific trigger foods. That way you’ll never, ever have to fad diet again. You’ll know which foods cause which symptoms in your body, which foods are making you gain weight and which foods you should focus your attention on eating.

Join Certified Holistic Health Coach and Autoimmune Warrior Julie Cerrone in this self-paced elimination diet course. With tons of resources (think shopping lists, recipes, cookbook ideas, website suggestions), a 50+ page accompanying workbook and support along the way – you’ll embark on a life changing journey.

Want to hear from REAL people living their BEST lives after completing an elimination diet?

Check out these testimonials:

I am truly amazed at how easy this transition to a healthier lifestyle has been. Yes, I crave "bad" things every once in awhile, however I have never craved something enough to make me regret my decision to work with Julie and turn my back on my new lifestyle. Digestive problems, acid reflux, stomach aches, bad menstrual pains, and horrid allergies were all problems I experienced often. I stepped back at the age of 21, right after having my gallbladder removed, and I decided I was done being sick and I was going to heal my body with the best doctor I know: MYSELF! Through working with Julie, I have learned more about how to eat than I had known about food from 22 years of life. She made it so easy to transition, always helping and giving tips and tricks. She has an amazing story and a truly contagious, positive attitude. I believe that everyone should trust their intuitions and heal their bodies with food. I eliminated all of the chemicals and bad foods out of my diet and added in exercise and positive vibes. I learned to love the body I have and to embrace it. I can very proudly say that I am now completely free of my digestive problems, acid reflux, stomach aches, menstrual pains, and horrid allergies. Health is the most important thing. Health = Wealth and YOU have the total power to control it! Do something good for your body today and give it the love it deserves. - Natalie Cerrone

Doing the elimination diet was the best thing I could have done for my health and body! I learned quickly that dairy and beans were trigger foods that made me feel bloated and crampy almost instantly. Sugar, sweeteners, and of course processed foods, are not my friend either. As long as I stay away from those foods, I feel great all day. I thought it would be hard, but once I felt how wonderful and balanced I felt, I’m more than happy to give up those foods. It actually feels like I’ve unlocked a secret about my body, and I love it! Ivona Dixon

Elimination diets are worth it because:

I have so much more energy now! I genuinely feel clean and tighter. At first I thought, uh no that's anorexia or eating like a rabbit- false!! I eat almost all the foods I love, just tweaked! An elimination diet taught me to cook and become more creative. It was actually therapeutic for me to learn more cooking techniques on my own. I love looking at labels now and know I have the skills to make the right choices. They make all the foods you love in a healthy version- you just have to look! Examples are Daiya for cheese or Almond Dream for ice cream! - Alyssa Fazzini

Honestly, I don't know where I would be in my health journey if I had not accepted the

challenge from my health coach, Julie Cerrone, to embark on an elimination diet. I had already done a battery of allergy tests and knew what I was allergic to, but had no idea how many other healthy foods were causing immune reactions and inflammation in my body! I am still working my way through trying new foods, but am not sorry to say good-bye to nectarines, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, fried white potatoes, citrus and bananas, so far. Without them, I am digesting better and have much less gastric discomfort! I look forward to continuing the re-introduction process and have a complete list. I am convinced the only way to learn which foods your body does not like is to try your own elimination diet. - Lori-Ann Holbrook

Working With A Health Coach One on One

Can Cost Upwards for $100- $200 AN HOUR!

I know my 6 months programs are priced a heck of a lot more than this course is and the nutrition series I teach is almost 3x the price! This course is a STEAL when it comes to pricing. You get the support you need to make these lifestyle changes on your own, resources to help you get there and the confidence to live your best life!

So are you ready to manage your symptoms from your chronic conditions, lose weight, improve your mood and outlook and get a jump-start on your healing?

Let’s get started today!!!

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Julie Cerrone

Julie Cerrone is an American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certified Holistic Health Coach, ePatient Advocate, doTerra Wellness Advocate, speaker and spoonie blogger thriving with psoriatic arthritis, avascular necrosis of the femur, complex regional pain syndrome and has battled melanoma, depression and anxiety. Using her personal mantra ‘it’s just a bad day, not a bad life’, she started, which was named one of the top 5 psoriatic arthritis blogs by Staying busy is a way of life for Julie. Some of her accomplishments and activities include: 2014 Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar, current mentor and blogger for the National Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Foundation, current member of the Advocacy and Mission Committee for Arthritis Foundation, active participant in WEGO Health projects and was named Best In Show: Twitter in the 2015 Health Activist Awards, passionate member of the IRT Digital Activist Team, current coach of nutrition and wellness classes at the Avani Institute in McMurray, PA and excited member of the Intake.Me Patient Advisory Board. Blog: Health Coaching: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Email:

Course curriculum

  • 2

    What's An Elimination Diet?

  • 3

    Step 1: Planning

    • Planning

    • Workbook: Step 1: Plan

    • Dirty Dozen vs. Clean Fifteen

    • Workbook: Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen

    • Decoding Labels

    • Workbook: Decoding Labels

    • Stocking The Pantry

    • Workbook: Stocking The Pantry

    • Journal Questions

  • 4

    Step 2: Eliminate

    • 2 Ways To Eliminate

    • Workbook: Step 2: Eliminate

    • What Foods Do You Eliminate?

    • Workbook: Foods To Eliminate

    • What Happens If You Want To Cheat?

    • Journal Questions

  • 5

    Step 3: Thrive

    • Weekly Challenge

    • Workbook: Step 3: Thrive

    • 3 Things To Focus On

    • Workbook: Weekly Challenge & 3 Things To Focus On

    • My Favorite Tips & Resources

    • Workbook: Tips & Resources

    • Journal Questions

    • Keep Up The Good Work!!!!

  • 6

    Step 4: Reintroduce

    • You Made It!!!!!

    • Reintroducing Foods

    • Workbook: Step 4: Reintroduce

    • Reintroduction Tips

    • Symptoms To Look Out For

    • Workbook: Exploring Food Reactions

    • Damage Control

    • Journal Questions

    • Download: Reintroduction Testing Schedule Tracker

    • Download: Autoimmune Reintroduction Testing Schedule Tracker

  • 7

    Step 5: Live

    • Your Perfect Diet

    • Workbook: Step 5: Live

    • Congratulations!

    • Journal Questions

  • 8

    BONUS: Explore Other Trigger Foods

    • Welcome to the Bonus Module

    • Exploring Other Food Groups

    • Workbook: Explore Other Foods

    • Journal Questions

    • Download: Second Elimination Reintroduction Testing Schedule Tracker